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TenderLand was formed with the goal of creating a sustainable and vibrant marketplace for renewable energy. We want to prove that consumers are savvy enough to realize that clean energy sources are a wise, responsible and economical choice.

We are committed to increasing the supply of electricity from renewable power facilities, such as wind, solar, biomass, and environmentally responsible hydroelectric projects. Public support is vital if technology is to continue to expand this list of alternative electricity sources.

We also promise to continue adding to the current supply of clean energy by creating new renewable power generation projects. For example, we are currently contributing to the construction of dozens of new wind turbines in California. We will continue to take advantage of advancing technologies to update and streamline our power projects.

You have the right to clean air and water as well as the right to affordable, renewable electricity. It can be done and TenderLand Power is the company to do it. We are the environmental utility.

TenderLand Mission Statement

TenderLand Environmental Statement

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Wind turbines at TenderLand's Alta Mesa property