TenderLand Environmental Statement

We believe sound, renewable energy is viable from an ethical, technological and financial perspective.

We will strive to have 100% of the electricity for our customers be generated from renewable energy sources.

We will keep all of our customers informed as to the percentage of renewable power they are buying.

We will strive to add to the overall renewable power generation in the United States. Creating a market with no supply is fruitless. We will accomplish this by continuing to promote funding and development of environmentally friendly, renewable energy projects.

We will continue to work with other organizations and individuals, private and public, who share these principles. Only through cooperation can we achieve our goal of adding to the awareness of the positive effects of generating renewable power.

We understand that renewable energy sources are presently defined as wind, solar, geothermal, environmentally sound hydro, and sustainable biomass, and that these definitions may change as technology, research and experience continually add to our knowledge of the environment and our impact on it.

We will seek to inform and educate every citizen, business and institution of these changes in the electricity marketplace and of the values and benefits of choosing environmentally responsible energy. Cleaner, renewable energy is here today!