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Retail Status of TenderLand Power Company

From 1998 to 2001, California electricity customers were permitted to choose from whom they wished to purchase their electricity. Customers could continue to subscribe to "bundled service" from their existing utility or select "direct access service" from an electric service provider (ESP) such as TenderLand Power Company. A direct access customer received distribution and transmission service form the local utility, but purchased electricity form its ESP. TenderLand sold renewable power to its direct access customers.

TenderLand Power Company suspended its electricity retail service in early 2001 in the midst of the California energy crisis. TenderLand's retail customers were returned to bundled service with their respective local utilities without an interruption in power deliveries.

TenderLand Power Company continues its work in renewable power development projects and wholesale power marketing. Although we are no longer able to sell renewable power at retail, we intend to stay true to our primary environmental mission and actively participate in shaping the future of clean, reliable and reasonably priced electricity.

Thank you for your interest in renewable power!

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Conditions of Service for California Customers



TenderLand Power is certified as a Registered Renewable Provider with the California Energy Commission (registration number CEC-90003) and the California Public Utilities Commission (registration number ESP-1346).