Alta Mesa Project - Phase III

TenderLand Power Company's subsidiary, Mark Technologies Corporation, developed Phase III of the Alta Mesa Project in the 1990s. The Alta Mesa Project is located in the San Gorgonio Pass near Palm Springs, California.

Phase III includes 42 Vestas V27-225kW wind turbines installed in 1995 and 1997, with an installed capacity of 9.5 MW. The Vestas V27's at Alta Mesa have a rotor diameter of 27 meters and are mounted atop 40 meter tubular steel towers. Many of the Phase III turbines are installed in a "wind wall" configuration in which, along a given row of turbines, the Phase III turbines are located above and between existing Phase I and II turbines.

Many of the turbines are located atop steep ridge lines which offer excellent wind conditions, with the best turbine sites achieving average annual capacity factors of 48%.

Phase III is currently owned and operated by enXco, Inc. under a long-term lease with Mark Technologies Corporation. Power from Phase III is sold to Southern California Edison Company under a long-term contract.



Phase III turbines on tall towers in "wind wall" configuration



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